Channel Sales In Post Covid Days - How to Prepare

Are You A Brand - Building Sales Channels Across India ? Are You Channel Partner Looking For Distribution Opportunity ? Whether you are a manufacturer, looking for distributors, dealers, wholesalers, agents, franchise or an aspiring business looking for distributorship, agency, franchise - there's huge disruption awaiting you !
The Corona pandemic has disrupted everyday life - from consumer to brands to channel partners - everyone is severely affected. Its no longer business as usual - every business has to change itself to survive and grow in post-Covid days. B2B sales channels are lifelines for any brand. How does one secure existing channels and grow new ones in this changed world ?

Frequent lock-downs and social distancing norms have forced organizations to shift towards digital. As per Accenture research, 46% of SMBs have invested in digital infrastructure for a clear shift towards online and contact-less sales process. In fact, importance of digital channels for B2B sales has…

Are You Ready To Sell Through Distributors ?

Distribution Channel has the potential to grow sales far beyond local market - propelling your company to new heights. You may just be a decision away from breakthrough in sales - a decision on right distribution channel. In an earlier blog article - I explained what all channels are available for your business and how to select the right combination. ( Please read Your Product Is Doomed To Fail Without Distribution ) You may select right channel combination and can help you find right channel partners. However, is that enough to make you successful ? Regretfully - No. You have to prepare yourself - do necessary homework to ensure success.  So, what homework needs to be done before starting any discussion with potential channel partners ?

1. Commercials - Distributor / Wholesaler Margin The first and foremost task is to decide on margins for channel partners. Low margin for channel partners will help your bottom line but may fail to attract channel partners. Similarly, high…

Your Product Is Doomed To Fail - Without Distribution

Distribution is the backbone of Indian market. It ensures smooth passage of a product from factory gate to retailers across India. No matter how good a product or how competitive the pricing - it’s unlikely to grow big and reach sizeable market without distribution support. Its comparatively easy to drive marketing campaign and create awareness/demand through large spending in Electronic And Print Media - but sales is unlikely to grow if consumers do not find the product in nearby retail store. Online is surely an alternative - but is still in its infancy - accounting for only 2% of total Indian retail market.
So, how does one plan for distribution ? Ensuring a product reaches large number of consumers across a vast country like India using poor infrastructure (transportation, warehouse, cold chain etc.) is a challenge. The challenge gets even more difficult given huge diversity of language, custom and local regulations. Indian distribution industry is highly fragmented - to get prod…