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How To Write Distribution Contract - A Check List

Manufacturers create brands for building unique product identity. Brands build specific values around them to attract and retain targeted consumers and need a path or channel to reach consumers across the country. A channel consists of several organizations or entities - all aligned to a common goal of creating a path for the product to traverse from factory gate to consumer's door step.  Each entity in the channel is independent, having specific interests. Managing relationship between manufacturer and channel partners plays a key role in sucess or failure of a brand. Management books are full of examples of how lack of distribution channel killed good products.

The relationship between brand and channel partner should be based on a clear understanding of each other's roles and responsibilities. When formalized in a written agreement between the two parties in a legally binding format that is enforceable in a court of law - the agreement is called contract. A legally binding…

How To Create Distribution Plan For Your Business

Customer is oxygen for business. More customer means higher sales and thus better financial health. To remain in business - manufacturers have no option but to seek out more customers in larger markets. Effective distribution strategy enables a business to achieve this goal without significant investment in sales infrastructure.

So, how should a business go about building distribution channel ? The first task is to create a distribution plan charting a path for accessing market. Ideally, businesses should consult experienced distribution trade professionals to prepare customized distribution plan matching their products. Failure to do so may lead to loss of money and wastage of resources or in worse case - loss of brand image and reputation. 

This article outlines essential parts of a distribution plan. In case you need a customized distribution plan prepared by experienced distribution trade professionals - please tell us here.
1. Analysis Of End-User Foundation of a distribution…