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How To Build Successful Distribution Channel – A Beginner's Guide

Indian distribution trade is in the brink of a massive upsurge. Major barriers against inter-state distribution like Octroi, state tax, sundry state specific restrictions, road permits, CST, VAT etc. are mostly gone with introduction of GST - opening up a vast Pan India market. Now is the time for every business engaged in manufacturing or importing to expand sales channels through network of dealers and distributors across India.

This is absolutely essential for any business, for - without growing sales your business has no future.
More sales means more customers. How do you get more and more customers ?  Obviously, your existing market - your town, locality, district or city - has a saturation level. You need to look out for greener pastures - new markets for healthy sales growth.

If your product is selling good in local market - there's no reason why it shouldn't sell in other cities / states or even in overseas markets. Intermediaries like wholesalers and distributors…