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How Not To Fail - Lessons For Start-Up Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur has a dream - to create next Airbnb or Uber. Founders have bright 'ideas' -  firmly believe their tech start-up can change the market - bringing in millions of dollars. However, in reality,  most start-ups fail. Why such bright and talented group of people fail so often and so miserably ?

To be fair to start-ups - any business can fail. For any new business, the growth path is littered with obstacles, uncertainties and insecurities. A wrong decision at wrong time can kill it, especially during early days. However, even with so much uncertainty and insecurities - most small business survive and manage to grow while most start-up, even with considerable funding, fail.

Many analysts have written volumes on start-up failure. But irony is, start-ups continue to fail even with so much accumulated knowledge on start-up failure. There's a section of society - specially VCs – who believe such failures are OK. They continue to rationalize failure with colourful theories.…