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What's Wrong With B2B, B2C ? Here Comes A New Way Of Marketing - B2P

The core of marketing is, and always been, understanding the target audience and customizing presentation for achieving desired goals. Depending upon target audience - the presentation undergoes major changes and has variously been coined as B2C (Business To Consumer), B2B (Business To Business), B2G (Business To Government) etc. While B2B marketing employs highly rational, detailed and analytic presentations to hammer home value propositions and return on investment, B2C marketing employs emotion-driven, catchy, impulse-based communication designed to appeal customer desire.
Deficiency Of B2B And B2C Marketing A common thread that runs through both approaches is a largely one-way communication to convince the customer to buy a product or service, mostly overlooking customer's unique views, liking and tastes. Though B2C marketing is meant to be directed at individual consumers' desire - in practice it targets a particular demography such as 18-25 year-old women, or 35-50 yea…

Overcoming Challenge of Sales Growth

What is the biggest challenge SMEs face in India ?  SMEs in India are fraught with challenges - from credit, cash flow, capacity utilization to trained manpower and technology. However, what's the biggest one ? A recent survey by Mumbai based A&A Business Consulting has brought out interesting facts. Contrary to popular belief - largest chunk of 47 percent surveyed SMEs cited sales growth as main problem they are facing rather than working capital or credit (1).

Many SMEs start on a profitable idea, grow well during initial days but growth tapers down with time. The result is very few SME success stories - most SMEs are stuck with very low sales growth - remaining small for ever. This typical Indian phenomenon has been recognized by experts long back and termed 'Missing Middle' - meaning there are few large firms, many tiny ones and nothing in between (2).

Why Sales Growth Slows Down

Most of India's micros and small enterprises can be found in 5000 industry cluste…