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How Email Tracking Can Lead To Business Success

Emails carry important information - but we lose control over them as soon as sent. What if emails had WhatsApp like ticker symbols ?  Ideally, we should be able to find if an email has reached destination, whether it has been opened. If opened, at what time and which location. How many times it has been opened, which link(s) in the email has been clicked etc. Collectively this body of intelligence can immensely help a business.

I am going to explain how you can track emails sent from existing email clients (such as Gmail) and capture all these tracking intelligence easily, at zero cost. However, its important to underline how such tracking information can help a business before that.

Send a perfectly timed follow-up mail as soon as customer opens your mail. You stand far better chance of receiving replyIf you see customer clicking on a link to view a cover letter, proposal or your website - you know currently you are at the top of his/her mind. Reaching out at that exact moment is go…

How To Ensure Customers Read and Respond Emails

Why our emails go unanswered ? We send emails to prospective customers everyday but how many of them get any response ? Why is it so ? Why people do not respond to emails ? The answer may be loss of data, spam filter, firewall and many other physical barriers on which we do not have much control. But it may as well be our own follies - may be our emails do not look professional enough or interesting enough to open. How to make sure our emails receive proper response - every time ?

Essential preconditions for email response are - the email reaches its destination and the recipient reads it. Next challenge is to make the email interesting enough to deserve response. So, let's identify specific barriers in each of these 3 stages and how to overcome these to make sure customers read our emails and respond. 

1. How To Make Sure Email Reaches Destination Though it looks simple, trust me, its not that simple. Assuming email address is correct, your mail may still get entangled in spam f…