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Introducing BazarA2Z.Com - Wholesale E-Commerce Platform

Wholesale and Distribution are two key components of any B2B sales channel. While distribution is more organized and account for lion's share of b2b sales in urban areas - wholesale remains a prime source of retail supply in rural areas. In a country like India where 90% of retail market is unorganized, spanning across millions of small stores - its impossible to reach significant number of stores directly through distributors.

Usually, companies develop strong distribution channel in Tier-1 Tier-2 cities - but as one goes deep in the countryside, dependence on wholesale channel increases. Majority B2B supply to retailers in rural India happens through wholesalers. Typically, a brand selling Pan-India - may have a wholesale component ranging from 20% to as high as 50-70% depending upon category and concerned brand's dependence on rural market.Wholesale Vs. Distribution
Both wholesaler and distributor buys from manufacturer in bulk and sell to retailers. However, the similarity …