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Communicating Online - How To Approach New Customer First Time

Contacting new customer first time is a challenge. Doing so online is even bigger challenge. Any business where buyer and seller can not see each other, have never known each other and interacting for first time - communication assumes an extremely important role. Add to that anonymity of Internet inducing higher insecurity and uncertainty. The seller must be careful not to say or do anything that might hurt buyer's sentiment. If online business is so tough, how come so many are doing fabulous business through online ? What could be the secret sauce for successful online business communication ? We discuss here few Do's and Don't s and in next issue practical examples of how to style a business communication. is one of the first B2B portals in India, launched way back in 1997. Over the years, I have come across many success stories in online business - and few sob stories. While there may or may not be any universal law for achieving success in online busin…