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Why Distribution Negotiation Fail And How To Safeguard Success

Manufacturers and channel partners are two sides of same coin - one produces and the other sells. Together, they make a successful business entity. Though the relationship is mutually beneficial and one should court the other like a perfect marriage - in reality, it does not happen always.

As part of online platform - everyday we come across large number of manufacturers looking for channel partners - as also eager channel partners seeking suitable manufacturers. We connect the two and many of them manage to build successful distribution channels - benefiting both partners. However, in several cases, in spite of best intentions on both sides - deals do not materialize.  Why does it happen ? What are the deal breakers in manufacturer - distributor negotiation ?  Based on my research - here's a short list that both manufacturers and channel partners should be aware of to avoid future disappointment.

This Is Not A General 'Why Deals Break' Type Article
A deal may break…